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Liberty Produce is a cutting-edge farming technology company

Liberty Produce is a farming technology company, enabling the growth of local produce year-round, using a fully controlled, industry-leading, indoor vertical farming system. With expertise in lighting and nutrient delivery technology, Liberty develops and builds systems that reduce operational costs and improve quality and yield of crops grown in controlled-environment farms.

Securing global food supplies in a time of climate crisis

The Future Farming Hub

The Future Farming Hub

What We Do

Vertical Farming Technology

In vertical farming, every centimetre of space counts. Maximising the space and increasing efficiency of everything from the lighting system to water usage is paramount. Our containerised farms have been designed to reduce Capex and Opex costs whilst increasing yield and minimising impact on the environment. 


Future Farming Hub

The Future Farming Hub based at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee enables the development and testing of next-generation technologies to revolutionise indoor farming and find innovative ways to safeguard protected crops.


AgTech Thought Leadership

We cannot ignore our global climate crisis and the impact of traditional agriculture as the world population continues to grow. At Liberty Produce, we want to do more than make the technology that will change agriculture, we want to talk about the why, the how, the what to push the conversation and the technologies further.



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