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Liberty Produce is a farming and technology company, growing produce and developing leading technology solutions for farms of the future. We focus on accelerating sustainable food production by driving innovations that improve quality and yield, whilst also reducing the cost of production.

Liberty is building on expertise and technology they have developed for controlled environment farming to deliver an integrated technology solution in lighting and nutrient delivery applications. Bringing together advanced, multispectral, water-cooled LED-lights and hydrobubble nutrient enhancement technologies, this complete and co-ordinated system aims to reduce operational costs by 18% and boost yields by 24%, to significantly improve the value proposition and increase adoption of vertical farming systems globally. The product will be scalable and designed to integrate with current controlled environment and vertical farming systems.



Hydrobubble Product Development and Integration

We require specific expertise to deliver the following:

  • Design of a fully-scalable system for the generation and application of micro-nanobubbles to the fertilizer media of hydroponic growing systems.

  • Development and build of the technology to ensure it is fully operational in the Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture environments. This will include iterative amends based on the effectiveness of the product to deliver yield improvements.

  • Product testing and evaluation to include verification of bubble sizes.



Lighting Engineer

We require specific expertise to deliver the following:

  • Development of a second-generation lighting technology which builds on our early stage prototypes and product trials and includes the following key components:

  • Integrated water-cooling optimising excess heat output removal and reducing OPEX on system ventilation and cooling

  • Up to six separate LED strings made up of phosphor multi-wavelengths and narrow spectra

  • Unparalleled light uniformity close to the crop

  • Exceptional light-energy output, reducing energy use.

  • Product design and prototype assembly, including the management of external suppliers.  

  • Overseeing pre-production of manufacture and making necessary product amends.

  • Product testing and evaluation to verify spectra and specification.

  • Delivery of the product through safety certification.

  • Full supply chain management including shipping of products to the UK.

Project Management Image


Project Manager

We require specific expertise to deliver the following:

  • Project Overview Services – we require independent oversight from leading experts. Key responsibilities will be creating and implementing the Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), responsible for the overarching design, working with stakeholders to build, test and integrate individual technologies.
  • Technical Support Services – design and delivery of the electrical and mechanical systems including the provision of specialist advice on integration within the growing systems. This forms part of the SEMP.

  • Testing and verification of integrated technology solution. Validation of system efficacy.

The finished product will be a fully operational, optimised and integrated, yield-boosting

lighting and nutrient delivery system.  The product will be scalable and designed to integrate with current commercial production systems for controlled environment agrictulture and vertical farming.