Containerised Farms

Self-contained vertical farming facilities

utilising standard ISO shipping containers 

Commercial farm

The fully contained, controllable and fully integrated commercial offering from Liberty Produce can be set up anywhere, including restricted and densely populated urban environments. This vertical farm offers a fully integrated and controllable system (which recycles 90% of its water supply), state-of-the-art lighting, leading-edge hydrobubble and nutrient delivery technology.



For Austere Environments

The Liberator is a fully contained and controlled farm that has the potential to grow fresh produce in even the most remote and austere environments, completely off-grid. This vertical farm is installed with leading-edge fully integrated Liberty Produce technology, including the ability to generate its own water supply, over 90% of which can be recycled. It can be developed in line with local conditions to access local sources of renewable power, for example, it can be built with solar panels integrated into the system. The Liberator is designed for all remote communities, NGOs, military and disaster relief groups.


Future Farming Hub

Liberty Produce was founded to respond to the urgent need to challenge traditional agricultural practices that are harming the planet and failing to address pressing questions of food security.

In 2018, Liberty Produce officially partnered with the UK AgTech centre Crop Health And Protection to develop and build a cutting-edge vertical farming R&D facility based at the James Hutton Institute. The Future Farming Hub facility offers testing, research development and integration capabilities in a total controlled environment agriculture (TCEA) commercial demonstrator system.