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Control Systems

Developing control systems to enable vertical farms of the future to be fully automated

In Development

We are currently developing a fully integrated smart system that will enable users to remotely manage their vertical farms. These control systems will ensure that the vertical farms of the future are automated with complete integration of hardware and software solutions.


In this nascent market, collaboration is essential to progress the growth of indoor farming globally. We work with growers all over the world to ensure we’re making products that meet their needs. Fully integrated control systems capable of machine learning to improve maintenance and management of indoor farms are essential to the expansion and growth of the sector.


Vertically farmed produce cannot currently compete with traditionally farmed produce at consumer price point. We are developing a fully automated, integrated and intelligent system that utilises machine learning technology to adjust controls based on insight gained from continual monitoring of the growing environment. This is an essential jump towards making vertically farmed produce competitive as well as higher quality

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