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An enclosed transparent miniature vertical farm with 3 levels of growing space fitted with LED growlights.

Think Inside The Box

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Installation Cube

Installation Cube

The artistic vision of Dandelion's future harvest festival; the 'Cubes of Perpetual Light' will be seen in locations across Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Inverclyde, Hawick, Forres, Stranraer, Inverness, Wick and along Scotland’s canal network as part of the Unboxed festival

Liberty designed this one metre cubed growing system with integrated DMX lighting to fulfil the vision of the Dandelion project and to be a beacon of the creative & STEM interdisciplinarity. 

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School GrowCube

School children will become citizen scientists in Dandelion's huge community-led growing experiment.

This 75cm cubed growing system has been engineered to enable these citizen scientists develop a heightened understanding of the challenges and joys of growing while taking control of light, nutrients, moisture and humidity

Optimised and engineered to meet interdisciplinary educational needs.

School Cube
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