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Date posted:15/04/2019

Lighting Engineering Services Required

We require specific expertise to deliver the development of a second-generation lighting technology which builds on our early stage prototypes and product trials and includes the following key components:

  • Integrated water-cooling optimising excess heat output removal and reducing OPEX on system ventilation and cooling

  • Up to six separate LED strings made up of phosphor multi-wavelengths and narrow spectra

  • Unparalleled light uniformity close to the crop

  • Exceptional light-energy output, reducing energy use

  • Product design and prototype assembly, including the management of external suppliers  

  • Overseeing pre-production of manufacture and making necessary product amends

  • Product testing and evaluation to verify spectra and specification.

  • Delivery of the product through safety certification

  • Full supply chain management including shipping of products to the UK

The finished product will be a fully operational, optimised and integrated, yield-boosting lighting and nutrient delivery system.  The product will be scalable and designed to integrate with current commercial production systems for controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming.  

We require a range of inter-disciplinary skillsets to work with us and oversee this complex and multi-faceted project, engaging with project stakeholders to deliver a successful outcome.

The partners will work under our in-house, full-time, PRINCE2 certified Project Manager, whose main responsibilities include: (1) Coordinating the delivery of all project activities; (2) Managing the communications plan; and (3) Serving as the project’s contact point for interfaces with the funding authority and other external stakeholders.

Invitation to Tender

In your proposal, please explain the following:

  • Your proposed project approach

  • Project timelines. Over what period would you propose to deliver against key milestones within the project.

  • Your delivery method & proposed service level agreement

  • Your relevant experience/track record

  • Your price

Procurement Process

Please submit your quotation to us with a tender document explaining how you can help us.

Suppliers submitting a proposal will be invited for a telephone interview with our team to determine how you score against our criteria for supply. The interview will cover the following topics and individual sections will be scored, each accounting for 20% of the total value. Proposals with the highest combined score will be awarded the contract:

  • Proposed Solution & Project Approach (20%)

  • Price (20%)

  • Supply Timescale (20%)

  • Delivery Method & Proposed Service Level Agreement (20%)

  • Experience / track record (20%)


  • Please submit your quotation to suppliers@liberty-produce.com by 30th April 2019.

  • Successful proposals will be informed no later than 5th May 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you.

This project is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.