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Liberty Lights

  • Bright

  • Cool

  • Intelligent

Designed from the ground up for indoor and vertical farm environments. Liberty Lights are bright, enabling you to increase your yield and turnover.


And they reduce operating costs, primarily through reduction of light wastage, and reduced heating and ventilation load.

Designed and built by vertical farmers for vertical farmers, the Liberty Lighting system is custom-crafted to help your business grow, providing a cost-effective increase in yield, quality and profit margins.

Bespoke sizing to fit your growing area

In vertical farming, every centimetre of space counts. Therefore the efficiency of the lighting system is paramount. Designed purely with vertical farming in mind, the Liberty Lights system is optimised to ensure that not a single watt of lighting is wasted.

Thanks to our adaptable framework and practical understanding of the specific, specialised needs of vertical farmers, we ensure that our lights can be optimally positioned over growing bays, such that

every light will reach every plant.

Built-in water cooling can reduce your capital and operational costs

The majority of existing lighting systems are air cooled via ventilation control, which requires significant capital expenditure. However, this method is far less efficient than water cooling. Water is about 829 times more dense than air, and has about four times more heat capacity. This means significantly far less water is required to cool a lighting system than air.


The Folio Nova system offers a unique proposition in the horticultural lighting market: it has a simple, compact and fully certified in-built water cooling system, which significantly reduces the load and maximum required capacity of the costly Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems. With our system, no less than 80% of the heat generated

is transferred away in liquid form, where it can be cooled in a separate location at reduced capital and operational cost.