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Lighting Systems

A ground-breaking development 

for the vertical agriculture industry


The FolioNova lighting system has been designed to increase your yield and turnover in your indoor farming environment while reducing your CapEx and Opex costs.


The FolioNova system delivers higher yield and reduces Opex costs through:

  • A full white spectrum -- unmatched in the same price range;

  • An adaptable framework that offers flexibility to ensure optimal positioning for maximum growth with minimal light wastage;

  • Reduced light wastage, reduced heating and ventilation load;

  • A unique compact and fully certified in-built water cooling system to reduce the load on costly HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems.

Folia Nova


The SuperNova lighting system incorporates the features of Folia Nova and adds several additional features designed for more complex growth requirements including:

  • Four fully controllable LED light channels, including the full white spectrum of the Folio plus three additional specific LED colours/wavelengths of blue (453nm), red (680nm) and far red (740nm);

  • Four channels that are fully controllable to adapt the lighting to your culture;

  • A controllable smart system with an integrated app that allows you to control specific racks and units from your smartphone.

  • Robustness and durability built in the design (IP 67) to withstand use in a controlled environment


The SuperNova can meet the needs of any crop thanks to dynamic spectral control and the most efficient, powerful controllable LEDs.

Super Nova

In Development

All of our products are in constant development as we work to improve the capabilities of our lighting systems and meet the needs of an expanding network of indoor growers across crop ranges. 


In this nascent market, collaboration is essential to progress the growth of indoor farming globally. We work with growers all over the world to ensure we’re making products that meet their needs and we’re always keen to hear from more growers. 

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In Development
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