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Nutrient Delivery

Vastly improving resource efficiency

against traditional open agriculture

Hydroponic Systems

The hydroponic closed systems used in all of our containerised farms  vastly improve resource efficiency against traditional open agriculture; water is recycled and reused, with over 90% of the volume being recaptured and recirculated into the system. The recaptured water includes the nutrient solution as well as transpired and evaporated water from the plants during growth.


Our integrated vertical farming solutions offer complete control over how nutrients are optimised according to crop type and its growth stage and are dosed directly in the flowing water.


Liberty’s Hydrobubble technology infuses your fertigation water with microscopic gas bubbles. This leading edge nanobubble tech improves water quality through optimum and cost-effective oxygenation, as well as promoting nutrient uptake, plant health and root zone hygiene. 


Nanobubbles are extremely small gas bubbles that, due to their microscopic size, have vastly superior capabilities for aeration in water. With a typical diameter in the range of the tens to one hundred nanometers, nanobubbles lack the buoyancy to reach the surface and instead move randomly in the water (i.e. Brownian motion). Nanobubbles will remain suspended in water for weeks, moving randomly in the water until they dissolve, providing efficient aeration to the entire body of water, thus delivering high levels of oxygen to the root zone.


Nanobubbles also possess a surface charge, which means the integrity of the bubbles is maintained through time and allows for extended gas diffusion. This negative charge also allows them to carry nutrients effectively to the root surface.


In development

All of our products are in constant development as we work to improve the capabilities of our nutrient delivery and water retention systems and meet the needs of an expanding network of indoor growers across crop ranges. 


In this nascent market, collaboration is essential to progress the growth of indoor farming globally. We work with growers all over the world to ensure we’re making products that meet their needs and we’re always keen to hear from more growers. 

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In Development
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