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GreenTech Reflections

Updated: May 28, 2020

We were at GreenTech in Amsterdam last week and it was really good to meet such a broad range of specialists, companies and individuals working on solutions for a sustainable future for food production.

An indoor grow unit being set up by three people
How many men does it take to change a lightbulb?

We know some of you came for our awesome sprouting pencils but ended up staying for our magical lights and Hydrobubbles. It was an incredible opportunity to share what we’ve been working on, to learn about other products and tech and to exchange ideas on how to sustainably transform modern agriculture.

If you came by in the building stages, you might remember the unfortunate “how many men does it take to change a lightbulb?” moment for the display for our new lighting solution. The Folia Nova lighting system, which we launched at GreenTech, has been designed with the Controlled Environment market in mind and offers a unique in-built water cooling system, increased energy efficiency and optimal spectra for the cultivation of crops in vertical farming systems.

Liberty co-director, Dylan Banks, also shared some top tips for building an efficient vertical farm which we’ll publish another article on soon…

Our new Hydrobubble tech generated a lot of interest for those facing the immediate issue of how to maximise yield without physically expanding farms at the lowest possible cost. The Liberty Hydrobubble Generator supersaturates the water with air at an oxygen transfer efficiency rate of 90%, improving the water quality and allowing for increased air absorption by the roots.

It was great to talk about the range of issues facing the farming industry, in order to understand how we can best provide solutions that meet these pressing needs. It became clear to us how essential it is that we continue to build communication bridges between the current agricultural market and the technologists building new solutions if we are going to make products that truly meet the needs of a fast changing market.

If you missed out on meeting us at the event (and the pencils) and would like to find out more about our lighting solutions or Hydrobubbles for CEA farms, get in touch.

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