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Webinar Series: Transforming Agriculture and its Workforce for a Sustainable Future

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Liberty Produce is excited to announce the launch of our highly anticipated webinar series in partnership with Writtle University College (WUC). The series, “Transforming Agriculture and its Workforce for a Sustainable Future”, starts on January 27th. The three part series will focus on major issues currently facing our food production systems and potential solutions to transform and modernise agriculture for a more sustainable future.

All webinars will feature industry experts and are particularly relevant to viewers interested in sustainable food production. Notable guests include Blueberry Researcher Dr. Susan McCallum from The James Hutton Institute, our Knowledge Director Dr. Dylan Banks and Belinda Clarke, Director of Agri-TechE. The webinars will include a Q&A session with the speakers at the end of the presentations.

Webinar Topics:

The modernisation of agriculture through technological advancement

Wednesday 27th January 2021, 4:30-5:45pm

This webinar will focus on barriers to adoption, potential hybrid solutions and implications for fully controlled farming beyond the microgreen.

The first webinar features Dr. Dylan Banks, who will be speaking about the bottlenecks faced in modernisation and interesting solutions that have the potential to transform the industry in unexpected ways. Dr. Susan McCallum will be presenting her speed breeding case study, focusing on blueberries. It will be chaired by Dr. Anya Perera, Writtle’s Head of School for Sustainable Environments & Design.


Examining food production systems and identifying skills gaps

Wednesday 24th February 2021, 4:30-5:45 pm

This webinar will focus on presenting potential solutions to the sustainable economy skills gap.


How to create a fit-for-purpose workforce in a sustainable economy

Wednesday 24th March 2021, 4:30-5:45 pm

This webinar will focus on how to create a workforce fit for purpose in a sustainable economy.


Each of the webinars will feature a range of prominent industry figures and will welcome all viewers with an interest in sustainable production. All online events will be free-of-charge, in line with WUC and Liberty Produce’s ongoing commitment to education and knowledge-sharing. Sponsorship is provided by EIRA, a groundbreaking project that supports innovation in the East of England.

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